Something happened.
something changed
the porosity of
my skin and
it lets everything in
it allows
it surrenders
more unknown
porous permeable
like a thirsty stone
like an open door
all these intensities
who knew
how to find the ore
a pallindrome hole
things are seeping out too
from this skin
this dark skin
I’ve always
known it to be thin

Where are they going?
the things you have done
the extravasated
the urea of the
words absorbed
Swallowed whole like
a snake a swollen violin
the body is full
of words and holes
your mother felt it on her skin,
she knows it
she doesn’t have to look
she points to letters and
words appear,
her skin
the fingers
let everything in

When it’s quiet …
the organs speak
thick vert from the skin
a colourful ceremony
it is not blood let out
it’s little cries
a thin river of viscous lava
the liver voiced
the ones who touch know it
we know
the skin doesn’t hide
anything anymore
imagine a sieve
and every hole
a corridor a labyrinth
a subcutaneous sea
you can’t see
but something happened here,
under the skin
and it lets everything in

I was standing in the rain...
And I thought
‘I will drown
or melt or float’
All the doors
All The windows
with no panes
I didn’t know
salty and hot
the rain is coming in
All the furniture wet
Nowhere to sit
The water is rising
The skin is letting
everything in
so slippery so thin
come in amen